Big Upolu Sand Quay

Inspired by nature....made by hand.
Enhance your wellbeing by feeling a real connection to the Ocean
Your choice of chain

Both sides have been textured from a mould carefully made from natural pieces of coral, gently tumbled by the ocean and found washed up on a beautiful sand quay on the Great Barrier Reef. Big Upolu Sand Quay, a hidden gem. The detail is amazing, nature at her best.

The tiny fish and coral branches have been hand burnished with 24kt gold, using an ancient technique called Keumboo, which will never ever wear off. They sparkle and add a beautiful 3D effect as each one has been placed individually 

Due to the deep texture, it has a comforting weight. A joy to wear. This really is a unique piece. Pendant measure 36x21mm from top of bail, on your choice of chain 

Fine silver can be marked .999 and is 99.9% silver. For reference, sterling is .925 or 92.5% silver so fine silver has a greater value, is less susceptible to tarnish, and has a brilliant shine. 

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