Spirula Wave Cuff

The Spiral Wave Cuff is meticulously crafted in Argentium silver, known for its radiant shine and exceptional resistance to tarnish, this bracelet seamlessly combines elegance with durability, making it a perfect companion for your outdoor lifestyle

The focal point is a beautiful large Spirula shell, handmade in pure silver from my own mold taken from a real Spirula shell.

A fascinating oceanic relic discovered on our local shores. Originally classified as Nautilus Spirula in 1758, these shells now belong to the genus Spirula, showcasing close ties to Nautilus, Cuttlefish, and extinct Ammonites.
Typically residing in the dark depths between 300 to 1000 meters, these shells, with their buoyant nature, grace our beaches, leaving delicate white spirals that inspire the intricate design of this unique cuff.

Embrace the allure of the ocean with our Spirula-inspired Cuff Bracelet, a timeless piece connecting you to the mysteries of the deep.

Presented in our Coastalstyle Australia gift box, ready for giving or a treat for yourself !

$185.00 AUD

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