The Coastalstyle Australia Story

Those moments in life, when something moves us so much, it just takes our breath away.

We have the most treasured memories  of sailing around the Great Barrier Reef. The azure expanses of crystal clear water, sparkling like jewels with dolphins swimming alongside the boat. Beautiful white sand quays in the middle of nowhere offering plenty of diving and exploring in the shallow reefs surrounding them.

The Great Barrier Reef is stunningly beautiful. I can understand why they say that it isn’t just a place you see, but a place you feel.

I wanted to capture it all and carry it with me to remind myself of the feeling of being there. The serenity and tranquillity of the places we loved to sail, and the dazzling shades of colour indicative of life above and below the water.

On returning home, the real adventure began!  10 years on and the only spare room we had has been transformed into a work room full of tools and equipment. My “Happy Place”.

I have created collections for Sanctuary Style, Marina Mirage and Hayman Island and loved every minute, not to mention the lovely customers I have met along the way, and who have made this journey possible.

I love to make special pieces that evoke memories of days at the beach searching for the perfect shell, and the glistening sparkle from the ocean that always makes one feel so relaxed.

Something that you treasure, and no matter what kind of day you are having, it just brings a smile to your face, making you feel happy, special and loved.