Stacking Cuff Bracelets

Stack with other bracelets, or make a statement and wear them on their own.  The gentle curve of the cuffs mirror the graceful undulation of ocean waves, adding a touch of fluidity, either smooth or with a nautical rope texture

Crafted by hand from Argentium silver which is renowned for its radiant shine, hypoallergenic qualities, and exceptional resistance to tarnish.

For the perfect fit, simply measure just above the wrist bone using a soft measuring tape. This is your proper wrist circumference. 
Write down your wrist measurement in the box  "Note to Coastalstyle Australia" when in  your cart and I will ensure your cuff bracelet is a comfortable fit for you

If you do not have this measurement, then I will make your cuff bracelet in the most popular size, that can be gently adjusted.

Slight adjustments need only be made on the initial fitting, as repeated movement can cause any metal to become brittle. This precaution  ensures the longevity of your silver stacking bracelets for years to come.

Presented in our sustainable Coastalstyle Australia gift box, ready for giving or a gift for yourself!

$90.00 AUD

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