Hardy Reef

Inspired by Nature. Made by hand

Feel a connection to the ocean, mother nature at her best with a natural piece of coral washed up on a beautiful beach on the Great Barrier Reef.  A mould was carefully made and then later cast by hand in fine silver.  I have filed the edges smooth, and polished and burnished by hand to bring out the natural texture and shine

The interchangeable connector enables you to change out your charms with ease, just gently squeeze one side open, and the new adjustable chain has a special bead that slides up and down the chain to make it any length from as short as you like and as long as 70cm

A genuine chalcedony stone adds the extra subtle sparkle hinting at the colours of the Reef, with a fine silver charm textured from a beautiful Sea Urchin shell, giving a lovely knobbly texture that catches the light.
This really is a unique piece.

Length of coral is just over 3cm long and branches about 1.6cm wide

$310.00 AUD

– Sold

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