Manta Ray and Spirula Ring

Handmade in fine silver (.999)

A beautiful Manta Ray texture sparkles as each little dot catches the light....gentle giants of the ocean, they can grow up to 7m. They are harmless and have a short tail with no stinging barb, feeding off microscopic plankton. 

Each ring is slightly different, making it uniquely yours, as is each little Spirula shell nestled in the middle

The ring has a silky smooth luxurious feel as the inside of the ring has been sanded and polished to a high shine
If you leave your ring size in the message box at checkout, I will make sure your ring is sized perfectly for you 

The band is approximately 11mm wide at its widest point, tapering off to about 3mm. Easy to wear, perfect for any occasion, and being fine silver boasts a high lustre and sparkle

$130.00 AUD

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