Adjustable wide Pandanus Ring

Inspired by nature. Made by hand

Sun kissed and dried to reveal the amazing patterns beneath, the texture has been made from a special mould created from our beautiful Pandanus trees that line the coast and are so much a part of our coastal lifestyle in Australia 

At its widest point it measures 10.4mm and tapers down to a comfortable 3mm

The ring is adjustable, but strong, and the inside has been sanded and polished to a high shine giving it a smooth luxurious feel

If you leave your ring size in the message box at checkout, I will make sure your ring is sized perfectly for you

Fine silver can be marked .999 and is 99.9% silver. For reference, sterling is .925 or 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper, so fine silver has a greater value, is less susceptible to tarnish, and has a brilliant shine.  

$130.00 AUD

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