Manta Ray Spinner Pearl

Inspired by nature. Made by hand

AAA smooth lustrous  white pearl nestled in a fine silver bail with a sparkling Manta Ray texture. If you like to fiddle with your jewellery, this is so tactile, as the pearl moves freely on its silver bar

Gentle giants of the ocean, Manta Rays can grow up to 7m. They are harmless and have a short tail with no stinging barb, feeding off microscopic plankton. 

Fine silver is marked .999 and is 99.9% silver.

For reference, sterling is .925 or 92.5% silver so fine silver has a greater value, is less susceptible to tarnish, and has a brilliant shine.

Complimented by a 50cm cable chain, though other lengths are available
1.7cm from top of bail, and 1.4cm wide

$145.00 AUD

– Sold

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